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Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)

The WVHDF Section 8 Department is responsible for processing Project-Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) for all contracts in the PBCA portfolio monthly.

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HUD requires Owner/Agents to submit a voucher and tenant files by the 10th day of the month prior to payment, to receive funding on the first business day of the month.  Vouchers submitted after the deadline risk late payment.  Voucher and tenant files are to be electronically transmitted through the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS).  NoteA monthly voucher submission is required even when you are not requesting any assistance for the billing month.

When the complete tenant data and voucher files are received, voucher specialists analyze, verify, and approve or adjust assistance payment requests (vouchers) based on HUD regulations.

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Vouchers - Documents

1199a Direct Deposit Sign up Form (Revised 2/2020) (fillable) (780.1 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Form HUD 50059 Instructions (6/2014) (756.0 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Form HUD 50059A Instructions (6/2014) (232.9 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Passbook Savings Rate (effective 2/1/2016) (H 2016 01) (99.3 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Section 8 Income Limits (effective 4/1/2024) (175.5 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Section 8 Income Limits (effective 5/15/2023) (175.0 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Security Deposit Required (85.8 KB)
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TRACS / Compliance

HUD requires that each property have at least 90% active tenant certifications in the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) at all times.  If a property’s compliance percentage drops below 90%, the monthly payment will be held until 90% compliance is achieved.  The following table is a breakdown of the action codes associated with the TRACS discrepancies.

Action Codes

01– Submit correction within 45 days
02 – Submit correction on next submission and/or certification
03 – Informational message; may or may not require correction
04 – Follow up required (For Field Office Use Only)

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MAT Tenant and Voucher System Error Messages and Codes (202D Appx C) (260.5 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

TRACS Voucher Acknowledgement & Status Messages & Codes (202D Appx G) (302.2 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

TRACS Tenant Informational Messages (202D Appx F) (48.1 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

TRACS Tenant Discrepancy Code Tables (202D Appx D) (369.0 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

TRACS Operating Tips (202D Chapter 4) (1.1 MB)
Download PDF View PDF

TRACS Message Format (202D Appx B) (161.5 KB)
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TRACS Fatal Error Messages Codes (202D Appx E) (361.3 KB)
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Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System

Owner/Agents are required to certify residents at least annually and to verify their income.   The purpose of HUD’s EIV System is to make integrated income data available from one source, helping users improve income verifications during required income reexaminations.  Note:  Access to this system is provided by HUD and requires a secure password.  Consult HUD’s Online Secure Systems to obtain authorization to use the EIV system.

Both HUD Handbook 4350.3 Chapter 9 and Housing Notice H 2013-06 (see document below) provide instructions and information on the use and requirements of the EIV System.

In addition, below we have provided a fillable form (EIV Period of Income Analysis) to help in resolving EIV income discrepancies.

EIV Period Of Income Conversion Chart

EIV Period Of Income Analysis (8.8.18)EIV Housing Notice H 2013-06

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Annual Rent / Utility Changes

Property contract rents are adjusted annually.  If the property also has a utility allowance, these are adjusted annually at the same time as the rents.  These changes are reported on form HUD-92458 Rent Schedule.

Requesting a Gross Rent Change (GRC) on a monthly HAP Voucher:

  • Form HUD-92458 Rent Schedule must be fully executed (signed by both the Owner/Agent and the WVHDF) prior to request.
  • All GRCs, as they can involve corrections to existing certifications, should be submitted after the fact, even if they are effective on the first of the month. They should be submitted promptly after they take effect.
  • For TRACS 202D, GRCs are permitted on a voucher if the effective date is greater than the first of the month prior to the voucher date and less than or equal to the voucher date.
  • However, it is not good practice to submit GRCs in advance of the GR effective date as it creates challenges for site, CA, and TRACS software.

Special Claims

Payment requests for approved/adjusted special claims must be made on a voucher within 90 calendar days of the claim approval date.

See the Special Claims section of our website for information on the processing of special claims.