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Special Claims

If a subsidized unit becomes vacant, the Owner/Agent may file a claim for vacancy loss and compensation for unpaid tenant rent and damages.  The special claims are submitted to the WVHDF where they are analyzed, verified, and approved, adjusted, or denied.


  • Special Claims must be submitted to the WVHDF for approval with the appropriate checklist (see below) and all required supporting documents, for each unit listed on the claim.
  • All forms must be signed.
  • Claims must be received within 180 calendar days following the date the unit becomes available for occupancy.
  • The move-out or unit transfer out must be in TRACS when a claim packet is submitted.
  • If the unit was re-rented within 60 calendar days after the “date unit ready for occupancy,” the move-in or unit transfer-in must be viewable in TRACS when the claim is submitted.
  • If the move-in tenant is a market renter, provide the signed move-in HUD-50059 or lease.
  • Damages do not include normal wear and tear, routine cleaning, and turnover costs. In addition, attorney fees and unpaid utility bills are not eligible for claim reimbursement.
  • Payment requests for approved/adjusted claims must be made on a voucher within 90 calendar days of the claim approval date.
  • After a property has received payment of tenant damages and/or unpaid rent claim, any subsequent amount collected from the tenant through collection efforts should be returned on the property’s next HAP voucher submission as a Miscellaneous Accounting Request (RSPC-Recouped Special Claims Funds).

Helpful Links 

Special Claims

Sample Reconditioning Maintenance Log (3.9 MB)
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Special Claims Processing Guide FAQs (HUD) (187.1 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Security Deposit Required (76.2 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

List Of Normal Wear & Tear Vs Tenant Damages (468.3 KB)
Download PDF View PDF

Life Expectancy Chart (72.8 KB)
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Checklist – Vacancy Claim (6.11.18) (1.5 MB)
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Checklist – Unpaid Rent Damages Claim (6.11.18) (2.8 MB)
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