Real help for West Virginia renters and landlords is here!

The Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program is now open and accepting applications. Please click here to learn more and apply for assistance.

Program Rate  
Homeownership 3.17% (APR: 3.702%)  
Homeownership (Special for Targeted Counties*)  2.99% (APR 3.512%)   
Movin’ Up 3.625% (APR: 4.12%)  
Movin’ Up (Special) 3.375% (APR: 3.912%)  

*The special rate of 2.99% is possible due to a source of approximately $1.8 million in funds mandated to be utilized in targeted counties to encourage homeownership in areas not served by larger metropolitan  cities within the state. At time of reservation, please lock at the rate offered (3.17%). The rate will be reduced to 2.99% by the Lock Desk at confirmation. We will notify you when these funds are exhausted, at which time the rate for all counties will revert to 3.17%.

Click here to see which counties are considered Targeted Counties.