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What documents do I need to complete my application?

To determine program eligibility, all applicants must provide certain documents. Before starting your application, please gather the following items.

  1. You need a signed, current lease agreement. If you do not have a signed, current lease. Please download and complete one of the following forms:

    The Certification of Lease Form
    Certification of Future Lease – if you are moving to a new residence and have not signed a lease, use this Form.  This form requires you and your landlord sign.

    If you are related to the landlord or are an employee of the landlord, you will need additional documents. Please follow the instructions in the application.

  2. You need proof of identification for the head of household applying for assistance. You can use any one of the following as proof of your ID:
    • Driver’s license or other Government issued ID
    • A state issued birth certificate
    • Valid, unexpired US Passport or US Passport card
    • If foreign born, valid, unexpired Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document(s) or acceptable alternatives as outlined below:
      • Permanent Resident Card (Form I‐551) issued by DHS (or INS)
      • Employment authorization document (EAD) issued by DHS, Form I‐766 or Form I‐688B
      • Certificate of Naturalization issued by DHS, Form N‐550 or Form N‐570
      • Certificate of Citizenship, Form N‐560 or Form N‐561, issued by DHS
      • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) issued by the U.S. Department of State, Form FS‐240, DS‐1350 or FS‐545
      • Foreign passport with a valid, unexpired U.S. visa affixed accompanied by the approved I‐94 form documenting the applicant’s most recent admittance into the United States
  3. You need proof of residency to prove that you live at the rental unit address. You can use any one of the following to show proof of residence (must be valid and current):
    • Current Utility, Phone or Internet Bill with resident’s name and address,
    • WV Voter’s Registration Card,
    • Current WV Driver’s License or other Government issues ID,
    • Proof of WV Public Assistance,
    • Personal Property Tax Records,
    • 2020 W‐2,
    • WV Weapons Permit,
    • WV Vehicle Registration Card
    • Pay Stub with current address
    • WV DMV Affidavit of WV Residency
    • Social Security benefits letter or award notice
    • US Selective Service Card
    • Letter from Public Housing Authority
    • Current Eviction Notice from Magistrate Court
  4. If you are seeking assistance for utilities and/or internet, you will need your most recent utility and/or internet bill dated within 45 days of the date you are applying for assistance.  If your bill is a quarterly bill, then the bill must be dated within 120 days of the date you are applying for assistance.
  5. If you are requesting assistance for relocation fees, eviction court costs, or recovery program fees, you must include an invoice or statement for the expense.
  6. You need proof of your income. Each person 18 or over living in the home must provide proof of income.  If you receive any of the following government benefits, you can substantiate your income by providing an award letter or notice of the following:
    • CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program
    • SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • WIC – Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children
    • TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    • Medicaid
    • Section 8 or government subsidized rent

If no member of your household receives any of the government benefits above, the easiest way to document your income is to provide only the first two pages of your completed 2020 Tax Return Form 1040. If members of the household 18 or older file separate tax returns, you will need the tax return for each.

You may also choose to provide proof of income by providing information of your earnings over the past 30 days. This information must be provided for each household member 18 or over that has income.  You will need documents for each of the following types of income you receive:

      • Wages, salary, tips, bonus, commissions, etc.
      • Severance pay
      • Worker’s Compensation
      • Interest/dividend from assets, including bank accounts
      • Net income from the operation of a business or profession
      • Income from Self-Employment, including direct sales consulting (i.e. Mary Kay, Tupperware), Uber/Lyft services, and online sales
      • Unemployment benefits
      • Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
      • Annuities, pensions, and retirement funds (i.e. IRA, 401K)
      • Insurance policies, disability, death benefits, or other similar types of periodic receipts
      • Alimony or child support
      • Regular contributions or gifts received from organizations or other persons not residing in the dwelling (including online donations such as GoFundMe, or through a local bank)
      • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
      • All regular pay, special pay, and allowances of a member of the Armed Forces, except the special pay to a family member serving in the Armed Forces who is exposed to hostile fire (e.g., in the past, special pay included Operation Desert Storm)

Note: If the household member is 18 years or older (excluding the head of household and spouse), is a dependent, and is a full-time student, then only the first $480 is included as income.

Household members 18 years or older that are unable to provide documentation for their income or who do not have any income may attest to their income.  The attestation is included in the application.   

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