Real help for West Virginia renters and landlords is here!

The Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program is now open and accepting applications. Please click here to learn more and apply for assistance.

The HOME Leverage Loan has been designed to target applicants, that in the event the amount of first mortgage for which an applicant qualifies is insufficient to cover the acquisition cost of the desired house, the applicant may be eligible for a HOME Leverage Loan. HOME Leverage Loans are intended to provide the eligible applicant a subsidy to fill the gap between the purchase price of a house and the amount of financing the applicant can afford to repay. The HOME Leverage Loan may be made in connection with a NewHOME Direct Loan, a Mortgage Revenue Bond Loan, a Movin’ Up Loan from the Fund, a USDA 502 Direct Loan, or other permissible first mortgages. The maximum household income of an applicant may not exceed 80% of the area median income for the county.
The HOME Leverage Loan is a 0% interest, forgivable second mortgage loan not to exceed $14,999. The amount of the HOME Leverage Loan may not exceed the amount of the first lien mortgage.
The HOME Leverage Loan is not subject to repayment and will be forgiven on a pro rata monthly basis over the term of the HOME Leverage Loan. The HOME Leverage Loan term and affordability period will be based upon the total amount of HOME assistance the applicant receives.
Lender’s title insurance is not required for HOME Leverage Loans.

2020 WV HOME Program Income Limits (Effective 2020 07 01)

2021 WV HOME Program Income Limits (Effective 2021 06 01)

For more information on the HOME Program, please contact Cathy Colby.