WV Statewide Housing Needs Assessment (WVHNA-RFP)

The WVHDF, a public body corporate and governmental instrumentality of the State of West Virginia, is issuing this Solicitation as a request for proposal (RFP) to seek proposals from qualified candidates to prepare a Statewide Housing Needs Assessment for the State of WV by conducting a data-driven housing assessment of the current and future housing needs in the State of WV, statewide, and county by county. The purpose of the study is to provide the information and data required to direct both rental and homeownership housing strategies of the State.

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2019 WV Statewide Housing Needs Assessment RFP

2019 WV HNA Att D Cost Sheet (Fillable 11.28.18)

WV Statewide HNA Addendum 1 Q&A (11.27.18)

2019 WV HNA Att D 1 Alt Cost Sheet (Fillable 11.29.18)


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WVHNA Cost Proposals – please contact Dorothy K. White, CPA